Addiction Recovery Class for Parents || June, 2018

Addiction Recovery Class for Parents || June, 2018

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Full Day Boot Camp for Adults May 5th, 7 hours from 8:30-4:30 at Squire & Company, 1329 800 East, Orem Utah, 84097. Space is limited. Small groups better application, REAL CHANGE

Dr. Craig Manning, a Human Performance Scientist will conduct an Addiction Recovery Boot camp to create REAL CHANGE. This real change only happens with application. The smaller the group size the better the application.

Dr. Craig Manning, a Human Performance Scientist will conduct an Addiction Recovery Boot camp May 12th. Full day boot camp from 8-4pm at Squire & Company, 1329 800 East, Orem Utah, 84097.

The mind is powerful when trained the right way. Learn how to unlock your true potential and free yourself from bondage. An addiction occurs through the accumulation of bad thought patterns. To overcome addictive thought patterns we need to stop reinforcing the bad patterns and instead reinforcing and create good thought patterns. Dr. Manning is an expert in Mental Toughness and habit formation.

Frequently asked questions.

Who is the course for?

- Individuals struggling with addiction,

- Parents wanting to know how to help there loved ones,

- Individuals wanting to know how to avoid future addiction pitfalls.

What addictions does the course cover?

- The course addresses all addictions, as the underlying psychological mechanics of addictions are the same.

- Pornography, alcohol and drugs, gambling, etc.

What will I receive?

- Access for 1 (seats are limited) to attend Dr. Manning's Full day boot camp ($1200 in value)

- 1-year access to The Fearless Mind Mental Strength resource center ($200 in value)

- The Fearless Mind Performance Journal ($25 in value)

- The Fearless Mind Book ($14.99 in value)

Total value: $1439.99

Your investment: $800

What is the curriculum for the course?

Outline of Boot camp:

Self-Belief -1st hour

- Change begins with the belief that something is possible. No action is ever taken without belief. The stronger the belief one has in them self the greater the change. Self-belief is the belief that one can overcome anything.

Positive thought patterns -1st hour

- To create long-term change, positive thought patterns need to be developed and reinforced in the subconscious. This is critical step in organizing and defining who you and who you want to become. Don't let an addiction define who you are!!!

Controlling the controllable - 2nd hour

- Accountability is critical to development. Learning how to hold one accountable so that others don't have to critical for human development and progression. If an individual does not learn to be accountable they will spend the rest of their time building defense mechanisms to protect themselves negating any further development.

Deliberate practice - 3rd hour

- Learning how to build skills allows an individual to become who over they want to be. One of the keys to overcoming addiction is not simply to be free of addictive thought patterns but to replace those patterns with stronger proactive patterns this is achieved through the acquisition of skills. This is where the program starts to shift from addiction to performance.

Motivation - 4th hour

- Goal setting is what creates Purpose. However, goal setting has been found to be one the single greatest causes of stress. Learning how to set the right goals and hence the right expectations is critical to short term and long-term change. Without the ability to set appropriate goals it is very difficult move forward and away from old patterns.

Lunch will be brought in

Anxiety - 5th hour

- Learning to discipline your mind to stay in the present enables control over guilt and fear. Living the present is a simple skill that is extremely difficult to execute. It is the skill that enables an individual to deal the ongoing noise that surrounds all of us. Without this skill it is easier to regress to old addictive thought patterns. We will learn how to master it.

Concentration - 5th hour

- The conscious mind needs direction, without strong focus points the mind will bounce all over the place and often to points of focus that are disruptive. Learning how to focus on what is relevant is the gateway to a life free from bondage. It is also the gateway to increasing one's intelligence.

Confidence - 6th hour

- Real confidence is one's ability to amplify that they really are. At this stage in the course an individual's identity and skill level are embedded to the point they are no longer the same person. They have changed themselves at a subatomic level and learned to assert themselves in all circumstances. Thus, minimizing the risk of regression to old bad patterns.

Decision Making - 7th hour

- The power of freedom through decisive good decision-making. In the end we create life. We create high performance. The ability to really choose for yourself what you will do and how you will handle any given situation is where the real power is. But few really every find this nirvana state. Those that are passive don't actually make their own decisions; they are choosing what they think someone thinks they should be doing. They are agents unto whomever they are trying to please. Aggressive also are not free they are agents unto their emotions. Only those that have worked to establish who they are, and have developed themselves, become assertive are the one's are agents unto themselves and truly fearless in their lives.