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Upcoming Boot Camps & Events


Athletic Performance Courses

The Fearless Mind™Performance Courses build human potential one layer at a time. Each class addresses the groundbreaking neuroscience of mind used by top professional athletes to improve individual and team performance. 

Business Performance boot camp
April 2018

Human Ability is every company's scarcest resource. Companies are under pressure to make sure that every employee is as highly developed as possible. The limits of development are unknown. 

Addiction recovery boot camp
May 5th and May 12th 2018

When addictions take control of our lives, they can cause immeasurable suffering to the addicted and profound emotional trauma to loved ones providing support and care. Understanding the mechanics of the addicted mind and the mental skills necessary to break addictive thoughts and behaviors are the first steps to taking back control.

The Fearless Mind Program changed my life.
— Dan Jones

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